The PCI DSS is a set of information security requirements designed to reduce payment card fraud, with mandatory compliance for any organization that accepts, processes, stores, or transmits cardholder data.

PCI compliance helps businesses to minimize the risk of their payment systems getting breached.

PCI DSS standard has over 300 requirements to design, implement and manage across your cardholder data environment. We will assist you come over the challenges of PCI DSS compliance, reducing the costs and the impact on your business.

Secureism has partnered exclusively with the a global PCI Accessor sovereign secure to provide PCI DSS consulting and audit services. sovereign secure world’s leading PCI accessor which is a member of pci security standards council’s global executive assessor roundtable (GEAR) for 2020-2022.

Our experienced PCI consultants are here to assist you in your journey to achieve PCI DSS certificate. Ask us for a relevant quotation or read more about the subject.

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