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Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing

Our ethical hacking & penetration testing courses are designed and delivered by active industry experts and they provide a comprehensive learning experience for each of our Delegates. Our experts will guide the delegates into a hands-on environment where they will be shown how to conduct ethical hacking and to perform countermeasures.

  • Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing - 5 Days Course

    The course is a mix of theoretical material with the focus on hands-on practices. Most of the subjects will start with a theory about how the specific technique works and will then be followed up by a hands-on practice example within the Course Environment.

    Techniques like analyzing network traffic, hacking wireless networks, scanning networks, penetrating computer systems and websites will be the general focus. The question is not “what tool to use”, but “how can I manipulate the application in a certain way, to make it do something that it wasn’t built for”.

    This course consists will help our delegates to prepare for any of the exams below:

    Certified Ethical Hacker – CEH by EC-Council
    Certified Penetration Testing Professional- CPTP by Mile2

    The uniqueness of this course lays in the fact that the subjects, modules are not only theoretical examples, but techniques that have actually been used in practice and still occur. Eventually, students will have to prove that you understand what happens, and have mastered the skills to exercise them, by completing the hacking challenge presented at the end of the course. The lessons are conducted in English, and both the course material and the exam are in English.
  • Advanced Web Application Penetration Testing - 3 Days Course

    This 3-day web application ethical hacking course covers the fundamentals of the industry-recognised OWASP Top Ten – to quote OWASP: “the ten most critical web application security risks”. This course will give the participants in-depth understanding about security concepts, web application concepts and frameworks used by developers in order to be able to exploit and protect targeted application. In today’s world, that is varying rapidly and thus all the technologies used are also changed at a rapid pace, web applications are exposed to hackers attacks 24/7. To protect the applications from external attackers one has to know all the bits and pieces that makes the web application. The issue is that attacker has to know only one way to break into the application and developer (or systems administrator) has to know all of the possible exploits in order to prevent this from happening. Because of that it is really difficult to have a bullet proof secured web application, and in most of the cases web application is vulnerable to something. This is regularly exploited by cyber criminals and casual hackers, and it can be minimized by correct planning, development, web application testing and configuration.

    After this course the participant will be able to understand and identify OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities and to incorporate that knowledge in web application protection scheme.

Information Security Certifications

Information security is increasingly becoming a critical business function and in many organisations is represented at senior management and director level. There are a number of certification programmes available to those aspiring to reach the higher echelons of the information security profession.

  • CISSP® - Certified Information Systems Security Professional - 5 Days Bootcamp

    Secureism is committed to maintaining the most complete and updated CISSP training course available anywhere. Secureism offers this top-notch Boot Camp for five (05) days to help you train and prepare for the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP®), the premier security certification created and administered by the International Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC)². CISSP holders have the necessary skills and best practices to provide leadership in the creation and execution of enterprise-wide security infrastructures.

    Secureism's proprietary CISSP certification materials are always up-to-date and synchronized with the latest exam objectives with integrated materials from the "Official (ISC)² Guide to the CISSP CBK ". With our cutting-edge course curriculum and materials, our CISSP training equips you with the knowledge and expertise you need to successfully pass the CISSP certification exam the first time.
  • CISA® - Certified Information Systems Auditor - 4 Days Bootcamp

    This Boot Camp is designed to prepare candidates for the CISA exam. It aims to provide knowledge of the concepts related to IS audit and IT governance and to accustom the candidate to the style of questions you can expect in the exam. It is not for those requiring practical training in auditing information systems. The Certified Information Systems Auditor qualification is one of the most highly regarded among security professionals and it will help broaden your view of the IT Audit field.
  • CISM® - Certified Information Security Manager - 4 Days Bootcamp

    This four-day course provides intensive revision for the challenging CISM exam, moving you closer to achieving the known benefits of CISM certification such as higher earning potential and career advancement. With a growing demand for people with Information Security (IS) Management skills. CISM has become a leading international IS certification designed for those who manage, design, oversee or assess an organisation’s information security.

    "The CISM certification promotes international practices and provides executive management with assurance that those earning the designation have the required experience and knowledge to provide effective security management and consulting services." (ISACA).

Security Awareness Program & Trainings

Teaching employees to be aware of an organisation's security requirements can be one of the most effective ways to enhance the company's overall security programme. Such IT security awareness training is also a cornerstone of many regulations and standards, making employee compliance education not only worthwhile, but essential.

Secureism addresses the human element of security by providing a security awareness program and continuous training service to organizations’ staffs. Through this service, employees will understand and apply corporate security policies and procedures and become aware of their responsibilities for maintaining good physical operational and logical security.

Secureism can deliver a number of onsite training sessions specifically targeted for different employee groups. These sessions are normally of two-hour duration and include:

  • Security Awareness for Executives
  • Security for SysAdmins
  • Developing Secure Web Applications (OWASP)
  • Deploying and Hardening of Web Server Infrastructure
  • Best practice in Network Security
  • Social Engineering - how to avoid the traps

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