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Secureism provides various review & assessment services ranging from network architecture review, malware analysis, security incident response and reviewing the configuration of network & security devices and servers etc.

Our consultants will analyze various components of identified operating systems using automated tools and manual techniques to identify known vulnerabilities from technical to human factor risks.

  • Vulnerability Assessment

    Our security experts perform periodic automated vulnerability scans of client’s public-facing infrastructure. Vulnerability scanning is not as in extensive as a manual penetration test or external infrastructure assessment, repeated and ongoing assessments can discover new vulnerabilities in a timely fashion.

    Secureism goes beyond a usual automated vulnerability assessment by combining our experience of conducting similar exercise in last decade with Context’s knowledge base of vulnerability. The result is manually generated report, with easy to understand issues and actionable recommendations.

  • Social Engineering Assessment

    Social engineering scams are among the hardest to avoid because there are no technical safeguards that can protect your organization if an employee falls into a trap.

    Our security experts carried out by imitating as an external assailant who intentionally manipulates an employee’s good intention (i.e. their willingness to assist) or their general curiosity, such as enticing them to click on a link in an email to a malicious website or to open an email attachment.

  • Malware Analysis & Counter Intelligence

    Today’s sophisticated cyber criminals often live as parasites within your networks for months, even years, without being detected. Chances are you probably have firewalls and advanced software detection systems already in place; however, hackers and cyber terrorists can often “back door” into your networks, through unexpected sources including HVAC controls, remote devices (mobile phones, tablets, etc.), e-mail and more.

    Securism team-based approach to malware analysis examines findings on multiple levels for maximum reliability. We don’t provide you with results until we can prove our findings by conducting counter intelligence on detected malware – a possible malware breach cannot be identified or solved through a hypothesis.

  • Security Configuration Audit

    A security configuration audit is performed from the view point of a host or devices console logged in with privileged access. It provide additional insight into the servers, network & security devices security configuration weaknesses that may make a server/device more susceptible to compromise, or make a successful compromise more effective.

    This audit and assessment is conducted with reference to industry leading methodologies, such as the SANS, CIS and NIST. The assessment is based on a configuration review, information and documentation, complemented by interviews with relevant stakeholders.

  • Network Architecture Review

    A Network Architecture Review is a review and analysis of relevant network artifacts (e.g. network diagrams, security requirements, technology inventory, DMZ ) to identify how the network architecture and controls protect critical assets, sensitive data stores and business-critical interconnections in accordance with the organization’s business and security objectives.

  • Cyber Security Incident Response

    The complexity and spread of cyber-attacks are rapidly increasing. The tactics, techniques and procedures that would have conventionally only been associated with nation state attackers are now commonplace within cybercrime and hacktivism groups. Combined with the traditional threat from sophisticated attackers, every organization must prepare to face the challenge of responding to an event.

    Secureism provides Cyber Security Incident Response Service. Our comprehensive service pinpoints the root cause and contains the threat, while applying precise, effective remediation and mitigation of threat. Forensic unearthing and investigation of attacks is carried out by our security-cleared consultants who provide remediating actions to minimize the potential damage to the organization.

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